Patient Resources

How to Use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

Explore our step-by-step tutorials on how to use some of the most popular MHS GENESIS Patient Portal features.

Establish DS Logon

If you have not established a DS Logon, follow the steps provided via the MHS GENESIS information page.

Prescription Request and Renewals, Referrals/Paperwork/Messages

1. From the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Dashboard, choose ‘Messaging’ or ‘Medications.’

2. In the ‘Messaging’ menu, select the ‘Send a Message’ option. After reaching the ‘New Message’ page, select the appropriate patient.
3. In the ’To’ field, search for the appropriate clinic name (see name reference list). All clinics start with, ‘Air Force Medicine USAF Grand Forks…’
4. Type the subject, attach relevant files, and write your message.

5. Click ‘Send.’ 

Book Appointments

The following Grand Forks clinics have direct appointment booking available via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal:
  • Grand Forks Pediatrics Clinic (Pediatric patients, AD sponsor book only)
  • Grand Forks Family Medicine Clinic (AD dependents, retirees, retiree dependents only)
  • Grand Forks Active Duty Warrior Medicine Clinic (Active duty service members only)

1. From the Dashboard, choose ‘Appointments.’

2. Click ‘Schedule a New Appointment’, using the panel on the left side of screen.
3. Change the search option from ‘Provider’ to ‘Visit Reason.’

4. Choose the patient the message is for (if applicable due to dependents).
5. Choose the reason for your visit (‘Military Medicine In-Person Visit’).
6. Click ‘Search.’
7. Use the dropdown to select the appropriate clinic – all clinics begin with, ‘Air Force Medicine USAF Grand Forks…’
8. Click ‘Next.’

9. First available appointment options will display.
10. Click 'Select' if those options are desired.
11. To change filter of date range or specific provider, use those drop down selections at the top of the screen and then click 'Select' on the desired appointment.